(1) Organization Chart
(2) Business Functions of Each Department/Office

Department Business Functions
Chairman Office 1. Formation of corporate operation strategy and budget outline
2. Coordination between department/office
3. Feasibility and Performance Evaluation of corporate regulations
4. Execution of BOD resolutions and performance evaluation
Operations and Management Department 1. Formation of Business Plan
2. Business Development and Project Management
3. Management of licensing, co-development and academia-industry cooperation
4. Market Analysis
5. Contract Review and Management
6. Litigation Management
7. Intellectual Property Rights Management
8. Corporate Image Maintenance
Drug Development Department 1. Clinical trials design and execution
2. Monitor of clinical trials in accordance to GCP and trial protocol
3. Cell therapy projects design and submission
4. Monitor of cell therapy projects
5. New drug co-development project evaluation
6. CMC of new drug development
7. Project management
Cell Therapy Department 1. Management and Maintenance of GTP Lab
2. R&D of Cell Therapy Product
3. Manufacturing of Cell Therapy Product
4. R&D of Cell Therapy related antibody
Administrative and Accounting Department 1. Fund acquisition, utilization and scheduling plan
2. Accounting system and accounting affairs
3. Budget control and preparation of financial reports
4. Monthly payment, difference analysis and benefit evaluation
5. Human resource system formation and execution
6. Network system and information services maintenance
7. Asset inventory and maintenance
8. Procurement
9. General administration and stock affairs
10. Subsidiary and Investment Management
Internal Audit 1. Performance evaluation of corporate regulations compliance
2. Audit plan and execution
3. Audit of specific project