Winston Medical Supply co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of Medigen in January 2014.

Winston Medical Supply co., Ltd. was founded in Tainan in 1974. In the beginning, the major products were pharmaceuticals for infectious diseases (antibiotics) and contraceptives. Then the health products (such as functional nutrition milk powder, vitamin C tablets), dermatologic agents and eye care products are added in the product line. The company was GMP certified in 1986 and cGMP certified in 2005. For quality improvement purpose, the PIC/S GMP plants were planning since 2011. The construction of first plant of sterile and non-sterile preparations and second plant of hormones were completed.  The PIC/S GMP certification was obtained in Dec. 2014. from Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan.

After 40 years in business, Winston is expanding the business area from conventional medicines to the health supplements, medical aesthetic products, and ophthalmic medical devices. The company has successfully developed 6 major marketing channels including the hospital, general practice, over-the-counter, medical aesthetic, international trading and original equipment manufacturer. Through MBC’s integration and resources, Winston is moving towards the goal of becoming a globalized pharmaceutical company.